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TVP 5. Tingari at Tjuntulpul, Warlimpiringa Tjapaltjarri, 1999, 54" x 36" For Sale

This is an extraordinarily vibrant abstract painting, exemplary of the style of geometric abstraction that has so captivated Pintupi painters in recent years. The strong rhythmic patterning of this work, supported by the palate of sympathetic red and yellow ochre hues, imparts the remarkably vivid impression of a vast sun drenched red desert landscape, it's old and eroded rock formations and dusty watercourses.

This story belongs to the Tingari cycle, and is associated with the Tingari Men at Tjuntulpul, a rockhole site (naturally occurring well or rain catchment) deep in the Western Desert. In mythological times a large mob of Tingari Men, accompanied by Tingari women camped at this site before continuing on their travels to Wilinkarra (Lake Mackay). After reaching Wilinkarra they entered the lake. The Tingari are a group of mythical ancestors of the Dreaming who traveled over vast stretches of the country, performing rituals, creating and shaping particular sites. Their travels and adventures are enshrined in a number of song cycles.

Warlimpiringa Tjapaltjarri is famous for having lived a traditional pre-contact existence deep in the Western Desert, up until 1984 when he and his "mob" walked in to the settlement of Kintore out along the border of the Northern Territory and Western Australia. He saw the other men painting there and asked for paints, three years later, his first one man show was acquired by the National Gallery of Victoria.


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