Songlines welcomes serious inquiries. We'll gladly send you price information, as well as large format photographs of any of the available paintings, marked with green dots For Sale Please be specific in your requests, and refer to the inventory code, the title, and the artist's name.

We appreciate phone calls and getting to know more about your collecting interests, as well as sharing background information on the art, artists, and their culture. You can reach us at 415-871-5901 on U.S. Pacific Time. We have a substantial collection of extraordinary art and artifacts not posted on this site and welcome specific inquiries.

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The gallery's mission statement — our philosophy of presenting Aboriginal painting as contemporary art with a distinctively indigenous world view. Also information about our Amsterdam and San Francisco galleries which are currently open by appointment only, while we are developing several documentary film and museum exhibition projects. Production stills from "Too Many Japaljarris" a film about one of our favorite people, Warlpiri elder statesman Paddy Japaljarri Sims, can be found in the Documentary Film area of the site. Paddy Sims work was recently reproduced (photographed at top right as part of the Yuendumu doors exhibition "Unhinged) in the April 24th NY Times article "A Hot Commodity with a 30,000 Year Lineage."

We do enjoy personal visits whether you're looking to learn more about the culture or add to an existing collection. Contact us to arrange a viewing by appointment!





Bibliography: Educating your mind is as important as educating your eye in appreciating Aboriginal art and understanding the cultural ideas behind it. We have a library consisting of nearly 300 hundred titles of books published on Aboriginal art and culture. Many of these titles fall into the categories of museum catalogs and anthropology, but a wide variety of scholarly minds have weighed in on the enduring significance of Indigenous Australians. Consider investing in some of these books as well as the art, you'll be happy you did.



Bibliography of Books on Aboriginal Art and Culture


Collecting Aboriginal Art


Collecting Aboriginal Art: An essay on the evolution of the world market for Australian Aboriginal Art and advice on things to look for when collecting. Over the last decade the the painting movement has matured in many ways and has proved itself both in terms of critical acclaim and in the marketplace. What can a collector can glean from this to make informed choices? How to separate the wheat from the chaff?






It used to be if we wanted to catch up with old friends we had to go visit the artists on their own turf, but many artists are increasingly quite well traveled. Inside are photos of a few of our distinguished visitors over the last few years. Pictured at right are Jack Jakamarra Ross, myself, Thomas Jangala Rice, and Sampson Napaljarri Martin, senior men from Yuendumu who were in town to install a ceremonial style ground painting at San Francisco's De Young Museum.




Distinguished Guests





A virtual magazine rack of magazine articles from publications, including Architectural Digest which have featured Songline's art and artists, as well as catalogs of museum exhibitions we have curated. This site was selected as Yahoo's Web Site of the Week in September, 1998 and was also featured on CNN Headline News...