Songlines Aboriginal Art, Amsterdam-San Francisco is one of the foremost galleries representing Australian Aboriginal artists in Europe and the United States. It is our belief that contemporary Aboriginal painting deserves serious recognition alongside other important contemporary and modern art movements. In presenting museum quality Australian Aboriginal painting in numerous museum, gallery, and art fair exhibitions around the world, and on our award winning web site, we have sought to raise the international profile of contemporary Aboriginal painters. Our aim is that they become better understood as people, as cultural custodians. as stewards of their traditional lands, and as contemporarry artists coming from a distinctively tribal point of view.


Despite strong visual parallels to western abstract art, Aboriginal painting demands to be accepted as a singular art form defined solely on its own terms—the legitimate modern art of an indigenous people, grounded in age-old cultural traditions yet embracing modern materials. Indigenous cultures have all to often often suffered by being viewed through the soft-focus filter of romanticized images from their past. Contemporary Aboriginal artists are engaged in a process of setting their own agendas while continuing to embrace the core cultural values that sustain them. The paintings exhibited on our site invite you to cast off any preconceptions and look at both the art and the artists with fresh eyes.


Songlines offers one of the most comprehensive inventories of museum quality Aboriginal art available anywhere. We look forward to serving the needs of collectors who appreciate that art should move the viewer to look at the world in new and original ways, and that Aboriginal artists are determined to be seen, heard, and recognized on their own terms.

David Betz