David Blanasi at his home in Beswick 1995. David is perhaps the most well known traditional style player in the world.

He's recently been touring with White Cocatoo an ensemble comprised of songmen and dancers, including David Gumpalil of the star of Walkabout. The group performs Aboriginal storytelling music in a "ceremonial style" featuring David on the didgeridoo. In this type of music the didgeridoo plays a very interesting role, it's used for brief solos or statments of theme and as background accompaniment to songmen striking clapsticks, telling a story through words, the dancers acting out elements of that story through highly stylized movements. Traditionally the didj was used as part of an ensemble performance rather than strictly as a solo improvistaional voice.

David is a instrument maker of some reknown, however the day we visited he choose to play a six foot bamboo instrument made by a German fan as a gift for him. David is a gracious and generous man, a gentleman in the truest sense of the word. For information on his latest CD -- Didjeridu Master David Blanasi -- e mail: