Songlines Aboriginal Art: Paintings from Yuendumu and Lajamanu, Page 3 ~


DBY 10. Mina Mina Dreaming, 2003, 36" x 24 " For Sale

In the Dreamtime there was a huge fight between Yarla (Bush potato) and Ngarlajiyi (Bush Carrot) ancestors near Yumurrpa, west of Yuendumu. Many were mortally wounded on both sides. Yarla, who were much larger than Ngarlajiyi eventually won and both sides went back to their country. The central motif is the Ngarlajiyi plant, with yatura (roots), and ngama (surface tendrils). It is also representative of the path of the Jukurrpa. The Dreaming, designs and country of this work are sacred to Nakamarra and Napurrurla women.