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TVL 2. "Brock Brock," Frog Dreaming, Abie Jangala, 1997, 36" x 36" For Sale

Abie Jangala, who sadly passed away in 2002, was a senior custodian of the Water Dreaming for the Warlpiri people at the community of Lajamanu, a rainmaker and a proud old desert patriarch who throughout his painting career attempted to communicate what was of value to himself and his people: his stewardship of the land, his ceremonial responsibilities,and most importantly the abiding resonance of his Dreamings in contemporary life.

"Brock Brock" or Wulwarna is the green frog who senses the coming of the rains, and comes out of hibernation to sing them in. He is the focus of the Jardiwampa ceremonies which are held early in the wet season. The frogs bury themselves in mudholes one on top of the other When the monsoonal weather breaks Brock Brock hears the monsoonal clouds begins to sing and dance (along with the rainmakers). The circles in the painting are the waterholes and the short barred lines are clouds or rainbursts, these are also body paint designs.