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DBP11. Bush Bean Dreaming, William Sandy, 2003, 60 " x 48" (152 x 22 cms) For Sale

William Sandy has been painting since the mid 1970's and has been a very high profile painter since winning the Northern Territory Art Award in 1985. Sandy's work was included in the Dreamings exhibition which toured the U.S. in 1988. A very similar painting to the one above was featured on the cover of the catalog for the John Weber Gallery's groundbreaking, 1989, New York exhibition, Papunya Tula.

The story of this painting is Bush Bean Dreaming. The black lines represent the vines of the bush bean emerging out of the ground (if you look carefully peanut shapes, the bush beans, are visible in the vine's snaking tendrils). The vines appear to erupt out of the ground breaking through the surface of the earth, the classic dot circle iconography of Western Desert Art has been subverted and the seeming flatness of the two dimensional picture plane has been fractured—the iconography fissuring into fragmentary fields of rippling pattern.

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