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DBP 14. Peewee Dreaming, Makinti Napanangka, 36" x 42", (92 x 106 cms.), 2004

Makinti is one of the most exciting Aboriginal artists painting today. Amongst the oldest of Pintupi women painters, Makinti is often compared to Emily Kngwarreye. The reason why such comparisons get made is Makinti’s confident, yet loose “old woman” style of painting, the beautiful light effects she acheives, and the bold lyricism of her brush strokes. In the January 2003 issue of Australian Art Collector she was named as among the top fifty of Australia's Most Collectable Artists.

This painting depicts designs associated with the rockhole site of Lupulnga, south of the present day Kintore community, home to many important Pintupi artists. The Peewee (a small bird) Dreaming is associated with this site. In the Dreamtime a "mob" of ancestral women visited this site before continuing their travels north to Kintore.

The lines in this painting represent spun hair string, used in the manufacture of hair string belts, worn during the women's ceremonies associated with this place. Hair string belts are often used symbolically to represent the act of women dancing. The belts, worn above the hips have dangling strings often with feathers attached which swing about as the women dance highlighting their attractiveness.



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