Songlines' Balgo and Other Paintings, Page 13



13. (TVN 3) Ceremonial Body Paint1, Prince of Wales , 2000, 47 x 36 inches For Sale

The Prince of Wales is one of those wonderful success stories in the field of Aboriginal art. He is a Larrikia man (the traditional owners of the country around Darwin) who began his fine art career quite late in life. From the start he approached painting from his own unique stylistic perspective, basing his compositions on body paint designs, which are essentially grids of lines highlighted by dots.

What is singular about his work is his sense of composition and what I would characterize as a playful sense of humor. Each quadrant of the painting above has a different approach to the dotting, from dense and snowy to sparse and rain-like, pulling your eye in different directions as it wanders across the canvas, energizing each of these areas in a distinctive way, and activating the composition has a whole. His work can't help but put a smile on your face.