Songlines' Paintings from Balgo Hills, Page 4



TDB 1. Where the Country Changes, Ningie Nangala, 1998, 47" x 32" For Sale

In the country around Balgo Hills, a broad plateau gives way to dramatic rocky outcroppings and then drops off into a stark sandhill country. This painting depicts Ningie's traditional homeland, where she grew up and traveled as a young girl. It features a series of waterholes and soakages (the black circles) which are connected by creeks (the undulating black lines). During the rainy season the waterholes overflow and fill the normally dry creek beds with moving water. the darker half of the painting depicts the rock formations and the orangey area the sandhill country. With her dramatic choice of contrasting colors, you can almost feel the strength of the sun evaporating the water as it flows out of the rock formations and across the sandhill country.