Paddy Sims

Thomas Jangala Rice (left) was featured in NBC's short film for the 2000 Olympics on Aboriginal art and culture. He is a man who "holds the law," a custodian of ceremonies and traditional knowledge for the Warlpiri people. He He came along on the bush trip in the role of kurdungurlu or "policeman" of the country and its stories, to insure that the stories were told properly.

Paddy Japaljarri Stewart (right) known as Cookie, is the chairman of Warlukurlangu Aboriginal Artists and was instructed in the Yiwarra or Milky Way Dreaming, an important Japaljarri/Jungurrayi story cycle, by Paddy Japaljarri Sims. Although Cookie is not kirda or owner of this story and this is not Cookie's country we're about to visit, as a Japaljarri "brother" Cookie will assist Paddy Sims in the making of the Milky Way/Night Sky painting upon returning from this trip.