A list of links to sites that we think will enhance your understanding and appreciation of Australian Aboriginal Art and Culture:

1. Firstly, two links to the Australian National Gallery of Art's site. The gallery located in Canberra has an extraordinary collection of Aboriginal Art, with a relatively small space allocated to it's display. The institution has cu rated and put on display a number of important exhibitions over the years.

a. An interactive tour through The Aboriginal Memorial - a collaborative work was created between 1987-88 by 43 artists from the Ramingining community, Arnhem Land. One of the most moving acts of curation ever in an Australian institution. Click on site map.

b. A discussion of the work of Emily Kngwarreye, one of our favorite artists. Click on the link to Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Art and you'll make your way there.

2. The Kluge-Ruhe Collection of Aboriginal Art at the University of Virginia, one of the best private collections Australian Aboriginal Art ever assembled. As part the University of Virginia, the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection has undertaken a full program of rotating exhibits, public lectures, research on the collection, and education programs for children and adults.

3. The Aboriginal Art Museum in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The first museum of its type anywhere in Europe, arguably anywhere in the world. An institution devoted specifically to Australian Aboriginal Art with a permanent collection. Unfortunately the text is in Dutch.

4. Aboriginal Art Books available at amazon.com (search aboriginal art in the books category). Recommended reading would be Aboriginal Art (Art & Ideas) by Howard Morphy the best read on the ideas behind Aboriginal art practice and Aboriginal Art (The World of Art) by Wally Caruana former Curator of the NGA, the book is now somewhat dated over view of a broad range of styles of Aboriginal art, sort of an Aboriginal Art 101 course in a book. Beware some titles in this section are bogus. I'll gladly send feedback on any titles as I've read them all. E-mail me at curator@aboriginal-art.com

5. AIATSIS, the Australian Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Studies, if you have serious research to do on Aboriginal cultural topics this site is an invaluable archival resource.

6. Aboriginal Art and Culture: an American Eye

Collector and Aboriginal Art enthusiast Will Owen has really taken on the monumental task of commenting on the larger context of Aboriginal culture today with book reviews, film reviews, music reviews, exhibition reviews, commentary on political happenings. He has a keen eye and ear and a deft and thoughtful mind. There's a lot of useful and thought provoking info here for anyone interested in Aboriginal art and culture.

7. Wikipedia-Aboriginal Art

8. Aboriginal rock art


San Francisco Tribal

San Francisco Tribal is an association of tribal art dealers from the San Francisco Bay Area. The association is comprised of 18 experts in African art, Oceanic art, Australian Aboriginal art, Asian art, pre-Columbian art and North American Indian art. The members offer a wide range of high quality sculpture, masks, textiles, ceramics, weapons, shields and jewelry from ancient and traditional cultures and are committed to a standard of excellence and professional conduct.


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The Internet Art Database

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Art Gallery Worldwide

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All things art site. Art History, Art Directory, Kids' Art Gallery and education resource, free art quiz (win prizes) plus contemporary international and Australian Art.